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I like to chase the sun as it sinks below the horizon; rolling back into the ocean; reflecting burnt umber and violet onto the endless waves. It is a game, as I time-travel through the air. It winks at me as the last sliver of light slips under the surface. Stars glow brightly. So many stars. The jet engines whir – throwing my thoughts into a tornado beneath the white noise. I’m flying. Traveling over uncharted waters to uncharted destinations. I’m taking initiative, taking a chance. I packed my bag and kissed everyone goodbye; and this big piece of metal is cradling me, swirling me around in the clouds. Those people that I left behind are the ones I love, but I look out my window and wonder who I will love on the ground my feet will touch down upon in hours. The sky almost curves above the ocean. Today is the first day of my journey. Today is the beginning of an adventure. I am strong. I am determined. I will experience things I hadn’t dreamed of and discover things that will be forever ingrained in my memory. I am a traveler. I will take chances that will lead to happiness. I am free. A backpack is the only thing that I am attached to. I am allowed to roam. I left my sadness behind on the shores. The sun has set on them. Only hope is soaring with me now.

I wrote it as I chased the sun across the Atlantic for the second time. Now, I’ve done it too many to count, and the people I love are on both sides of the horizon.

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