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There’s an Italian social media star, Giacomo HawkMan that has gotten a lot of attention for a particular video he likes to shoot around the cities of Italy. He approaches couples of all ages and asks if they’d like to play a game where they swap cell phones on camera, saying he’s looking to see how much couples trust each other – even on a social media level.

For me personally, I understand that some people have privacy things, but between Rami and me, our cellphones are basically interchangeable when we’re together. We know each other’s passwords, etc, so if we were stopped on the street for this game, it wouldn’t work. Giacomo has multiple videos with multiple Italian couples of all ages that look like a deer in headlights the minute he proposes the idea. It’s immediately a catch 22 – if they don’t want to play the game, well then they’re hiding something aren’t they? So these people clench their teeth and pull out their phones and hand them over, and then Giacomo pushes it further: “look into the archived Whatsapp messages. What about private messages on Instagram?”

Watching these was my first glimpse into this strange underworld of social media where girlfriends have fake profiles to spy on significant others and guys have the same. Some are still active on dating apps, others are talking to exes. Since I understood this was much more of a norm than I thought, I found out I even know people personally with fake profiles used for various “secret” purposes. What in the world? But then he does one with international people and the same things are happening.

Social media and being on our phone 24/7 is a new thing, but I do believe that trusting each other with a cellphone and everything in it is essential to a functioning relationship. Secrets don’t make friends, and if you meet Giacomo, secrets could ruin your relationship with a click.

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