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Tonight I took Luna to the park and we walked in the shadows away from the lamps, away from the friends having picnics on the grass, away from the couples snuggling on the benches, away from the kids kicking the soccer ball around on the gravel. The family was sitting on the benches near the fountain and I heard the music before I saw them. A few parents sat on the grass while two more were on the benches, and they were encouraging their three girls to dance. I knew the lyrics, it’s the song that’s number one on the charts here this summer and it lingered in the air from the little speaker, and the girls started to spin in their little dresses in the gravel. No worries. No cares. A perfect night in the summer.

I wondered if at least one of them would remember this moment. Her little braids swaying around her face, her family lounging in the park – would this just be another night lost in the memories of her childhood?

Or twenty years from now, when she’s here or, in another city, or traveling the world, will she hear that song again, and suddenly be back spinning under the stars without a care in the world.

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