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I’ve been trying to find more information on a topic for a pitch I’m writing on sweating. The cultural differences between Italy and the US are vast when it comes to body odor and sweaty underarms. It drives me crazy, but that is a story for another day (but it ends with me bringing my deodorant back from the US every time I go home). Anyway, today I’m not finding much of what I want in English. Most of the results are blogs from Americans that explain their horror when they find out many Italians don’t shower every day, and though they’re amusing to read, it’s not what I’m looking for. I decide to switch to searching in Italian and start to type into Google: “Perché gli americani…” “Why do Americans…”

The entire sentence was going to be why do Americans use antiperspirant/deodorant, etc. But you know when Google decides to think they know what you’re looking for and throws up a few suggestions based on people searching for those things a lot? Well, a list came up and I thought you’d like to know what the most popular searches were for “Why do Americans…” in Italian.

  • Why did the Americans fight in Vietnam?
  • Why are Americans obese?
  • Why do Americans eat on the couch?
  • Why do Americans drink milk at dinner?
  • Why do Americans love Italy?
  • Why do Americans build houses out of wood? (I miss my wooden house)
  • Why did Americans bomb Hiroshima?
  • Why are Americans left-handed? (I had no idea this was a thing – apparently, there are more left-handed?)
  • Why did Americans go to war? (Do we see a pattern here?)
  • Why do Americans eat dinner early?

My Google is set to search in Italian first and I can’t seem to get the English version of this “Why do Italians…” so feel free to try it and fill me in on if it’s as interesting as this list!

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