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Yesterday I didn’t make it to post a blog. It’s only the second time in this project, I think, other than the week we stayed in the mountains without electricity. Rami and I had the past few days off together – not because of Independence, but just because of a rotating work schedule within the Mariott hotels. So we roamed Chianti with friends that were in town. We stopped in at vineyards and famous butchers. We sipped chilled white wine in the cantinas in Greve. We wound through the hills with the windows rolled down, praying for a breeze out over the olive groves. Yesterday we had a barbeque in our backyard and sabred bottles of champagne and tried to stay cool under all of this sun. I didn’t open my computer between glasses and plates, and my words could barely come out of my mouth, never mind putting them onto paper.

Today is back to normal with Rami working this evening and I’m back on my computer. The only oddity of today is that he forgot his phone, which means that all of a sudden, I notice the odd ways we rely on technology. Yesterday I barely picked up my phone – it wasn’t a necessity, everyone at home in the US had their phones inside, charging in the cabins or on the boats or in the cars. The 4th is an outside holiday, and that much I like, and I loved the no-cell time, even if I cheated my blog.

Today, I am thoroughly upset because I can’t text my husband while he’s at work. My first thought was to bike it to him and then come back. My second option would be to call the hotel if I needed to talk to him if I really had to (this is I guess for emergencies). My third option, which I’m currently doing, is to stop thinking the world will end if we don’t have our phones for a few hours and can’t constantly be in contact, and remember what life was like before cell phones, and know that for the next sevenish hours, my husband is phoneless and that is ok and I don’t have to text him how he is every few hours. because my parents didn’t/couldn’t do that and maybe it’s ok sometimes when we don’t have that access – because we can have beautiful days in Tuscany, or be more productive like hopefully, I’ll be for the next few hours. Maybe I’ll even write another blog to make up for yesterday. Maybe.

If not it’s because I’m writing up an article for a Real Estate agency that wants to hear about moving to Florence, or because it’s finally cool enough to leave my electronics attached to their cords and get out for a walk with my little dog. We shall see!

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