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Today the headline news was Cardi B supporting Bernie Sanders and I honestly think that is just enough internet for today. If this is the beginning of how this election is going to go, maybe (maybe) it’ll be a bit different from the last one. I’m not getting into the thick of it yet. It’s too far out to really invest, but if people like Cardi B are getting excited well, gosh darn, maybe the Democratic party will allow Bernie to win next year (highly doubt it). What a ridiculous 180 for the world that would be. I honestly don’t have anything that focused or interesting to write about – or that I feel like writing about. My day was falling in and out of sleep on a strange schedule where my husband drifts in and out – only just coming home now at 2 am and I’m still awake, and I have no idea why. It makes time stand still and wind up too tight. Allows hours to pass as slow as molasses and then sprint through the next five, giving me whiplash that makes me stand in the middle of the kitchen and go “wait…what was I doing?” It stays light until nine pm. I was awake before the sun rose this morning, then opened my eyes again as it set behind the buildings that block the sunsets from our garden. My morning coffee was at 2pm, so if a rapper wants to root for Bernie, bring it on more the merrier, this day of the unknown is working out just grand if it means we get rid of the man that made me feel like I’m living in Alice’s Wonderland in the first place.



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