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I currently have wet nail polish but I realized that if I didn’t write now, I probably wouldn’t be able to later tonight when we get back home. Today is our friend Irene’s wedding and an excuse to get dressed up pretty and go celebrate. We’re hydrating and ready for a night of drinks and dancing. The weather is certainly not warm or beautiful and the rain keeps pouring down, but with the crew that is getting ready for tonight, none of that will matter. Everything will be beautiful and old friends will reunite, and I’m just so happy to know all of these people that used to be staples in downtown Florence.

Now they’re spread out around the world, from Australia to California to Sweden, and this is one night to revisit that feeling when Florence was the center of the universe and nothing mattered other than how many Sambuca shots were getting poured that night.

If I had more time, I’d go into the stories of these hooligans, and how I was welcomed into their crazy lifestyle seven years ago when half of them still lived and worked here. I’d tell you the stories that made us cackle laugh in the alleys of Florence at 3am, and the way that this group of friends honestly ran this city in a way for almost a decade.

But right now I have to get pretty and figure out what amount of clothing is appropriate for this crazy May weather we’re having. Tomorrow I’m sure I’ll have more stories to tell.

I can’t wait.


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