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I’ve got nothing today. No interesting facts. No rants that I really feel like writing down. Nothing special about the day, no big bad news story to discuss. At this point, the news just rambles on together in different languages about the same issues and I’m tired of all of them. Polar bears scramble onto melting ice, bombs and famines pop up all over the globe. Politicians and world leaders sneer at each other and call everything fake news. It seems like the entire basis of reality has dropped out from under the western world. How in the world we’re going to get through the next election year I have no idea. There are rumbles in the gulf. I hope we make it to the election.

It’s too late to get political. I’ve wasted the day looking for inspiration of some sort (any sort) but spent most of it writing emails and sending out writing samples instead. A few moments of Italian practice were spotted throughout. It’s a Saturday that isn’t a Saturday, except Luna and I did take a walk down to the walls of the Fortezza. We met a pit bull named, I kid you not, Sherlock Holmes. The neighborhood is beginning to clear out on the weekends. Everyone is heading to their beach houses. In Italy, you’re never more than an hour or two from a beach. That IS Italian summer. Get as brown as you please. Eat as many ice creams and fried fish as you want – it’s the air conditioner that’ll get you.

Still nothing. Sometimes if you write long enough, the story will just flow. But now I’ve scrolled Facebook and found an article that said Iceland made it illegal to pay women less than men so I immediately went to my friend from Iceland to fact check in this world of fake news. And now we’re talking feminism and equality and I could absolutely write about that but again, it’s 2 am and no one has time for that. I’ll spare you the details, at least until tomorrow. Maybe that is something I can draft, but get ready because that post would absolutely be triple the length of this one – at least.




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