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My Facebook and other social media pages follow a vast array of people and blogs and news sites and international pages etc. I thought I’d write down the posts verbatim to document what it looks like when you live internationally and don’t block anyone just because they have different views. This is Monday, July 1st and here is what is going on on my phone in the order that I see the notifications and scroll the feeds (only to 1,000 words because I could do this for way too long) startinggg now:

From Facebook Feed – Posts, Memes, News, Video Captions, Etc:

“It’s not that Christians wanna shove Jesus down your throat but man if YOU KNEW. If you KNEW how He can transform you, how He can take away all that bitterness, that sorrow, that hurt, that depression, anxiety. We boast our Lord because He is MIGHTY.”

“Had a bad day? Don’t worry. You made it <3”

“When you see innocent kids being put in tents sleeping on floor after getting ripped from their parents and your response is ‘Did they come here legally?’, then we don’t have a difference in political opinion. We have a difference in morality.”

“These harrowing first-hand accounts from children in custody based on interviews from attorneys in the camps. Every American should read them and demand we…”

“(In Italian) Mud Pottery Club is open and we’re waiting for you with a fresh drink and, like always, many creative ideas for your ceramics!”

“Completed my Associate degree in Health and exercise science!”

“From today, all older model diesel cars are banned in Paris on weekdays”

“(In Italian) When Italian immigrants were considered Africans that should have been tossed into the sea.”

“Anyone else sinking financially? I need to get more frugal, so I’m starting this frugal challenge this month.”

“(In Italian) Get home, bang yourself on the side of the front door and see if your sensor comes off. I just did it :-(” (For reference, this is in a group for Type 1 Diabetes)

“Get your Frenchies featured at the top of the group for the entire month of July! To enter, simply upload…”

“This new cookie dough from Nestle Toll House is safe to eat raw”

“Israel always says ‘we strike Iranian positions in Syria’….But who were killed yesterday not Iranian forces…they are innocent Syrian civilians…Big crime…Israel is the biggest terrorism…May their souls rest in peace…it is painful”

“Many of us often complain about the trash situation in Rome. It is bad. But, hey, if nothing else works why not ‘be the change that you want in the world” righ…”

“The new KKK, strong-arm of the Democratic Party.”

“These teachers created a ‘comfort closet’ full of toiletries and clothes for students whose parents can’t afford it.”

“It’s not radical to say that everyone in America should have health care regardless of their wealth and income. In fact, it is the reality in Canada, in the United Kingdom and in every other major country on Earth. We are going to finally end that injustice by passing Medicare for All.

“Antifa protesters brutally attacked a conservative journalist and an elderly man at a rally in Oregon. They have also targeted speakers, like Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro. This is the violent, extremist Left – and it must be stopped.”

“3 Million Muslims in Chinese Concentration Camps- The Story of the Lonely Jew: Standing up for the Uyghurs”

“An 89-year-old woman is being recognized for her upstanding character after she found a $20 bill on the ground and turned it into the Hingham Police Department.”

“Buonasera. Can anyone suggest an internet site for watching BBC. Without VPN or payment. Many thanks.”

“Supermarkets in Thailand are ditching plastic packaging for banana leaves.”

“Are these the cutest sheep in the world?!” (yes, they were)

“Nas means people in Arabic. All people from all countries. Here is a story of just five of them!”

“Trump is bragging about his “historic” visit to North Korea.”

“Japan has resumed whale hunting after a 3-decade ban.”

“Pro-migrant politician Walter Lübcke was assassinated in Germany in June. The confessed killer: An avowed neo-Nazi with a history of violence against immigrants. But experts on extremism suggest Germany’s far-right party may share some of the blame.”

“High school girl files federal complaint for having to race boys who identify as ‘girls'”

“She just made history as the first woman to lead an Army division. Meet Maj. Gen. Laura Yeager.”

“does anybody else be making bets with themselves in their mind? like i be like “i bet you can’t pour a cup of soda b4 the microwave beep.”

“129 children have been killed by regime and Russian airstrikes between April 26 – June 28.”

“Guys with abs- uncomfy to lay on, spend time at the gym instead of w u, pressure for u to look flawless, pecks bigger than ur boobs. Guys with dad bods – make a good pillow, always down for a burger, binge drink on the regular, usually funnier than the average male #teamdadbod”

“In Syria, a family was martyred, the Zionist Entity of Israel murdered them, the terrorists of Israel murdered them, a father a mother and their beloved infant, can you believe that?”

“To the Dad who didn’t want me, It’s mutual now”

“A rare half-male, half-female cardinal – an example of a phenomenon called gynandromorphy – was spotted in Pennsylvania.”

“(In Italian) Tragedy in San Casciano in the Florence province. A man falls from a mountain bike, a branch severs his femoral artery and dies.”

“Former CIA case officer John Stockwell speaks out, NCOIC”

“(In Italian) A stronghold of solidarity for Carola Rackete after the arrest of the young captain.”

“Example #1 of a human leech” [photo of Megan Rapinoe] ‘Fuck the USA, but I’ll take its freedoms and its money.”

“You can get away with doing anything you like as long as you can control the narrative about it. You can literally destroy a whole nation and destabilize an entire region in a war based on lies, and make sure no one involved suffers any consequences for it whatsoever.”

“The first of my GIANT posts on dog-friendliness of restaurants around the world is live!”

“WELCOME TO THE WORLD: This rare black jaguar cub was recently born at a zoo in western Mexico, giving hope to the endangered species.”

“Viral: Bernie Sanders says Christianity is an insult to Muslims”

“Sought refuge from the brick-oven streets of Florence in the colorful closes and courtyards of Edinburgh, United Kingdom.”

“This 7-year-old is bringing flowers (and hugs!) to residents at nursing homes.”

“Hong Kong is set to fully become a part of mainland China in 2047. Although that’s nearly 30 years away, China isn’t wasting any time.”




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