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I first saw this post a few years ago, and every so often it shows up again either on some other feed or someone else’s wall. This year it was in my memories from the last time I shared it, and so I did it again. For the number of likes and times it’s been shared, it tells me something, that it isn’t as funny as it is true. This is all we want. The people that grew up in the US around my time. When this was something that was thought of as part of the routine. Where if we did what we were supposed to do, this “fantasy” was supposed to be the base to build our real dreams on.  Now we share it as a joke. We share it as the truth. When I see posts on Facebook, whether on my own newsfeed or elsewhere, that talk about how ridiculous the young people are now, I think back to this post. When I hear arguments on student loans about how we need to work harder and figure it out because we decided to go, I think back to this post. When people complain about millennial work habits, and priveledges, and avocado toast and whatever else wants to blow up my cranky older-audience news feed on a Tuesday afternoon, I remember how many of my friends have agreed that this is their fantasy. I want a life where the garbage disposal clogging is the greatest worry and the phrase “financially stable job” wasn’t the unicorn that it has turned out to be (and not the cool new trend of unicorns, no no, these are the ones that didn’t make it onto the Ark).

For those that think that we’re a self-righteous bunch of entitled snowflakes, I swear to you, most of our requests are minimal compared to what we were brought up to think we should have for our wildest fantasy, and you brought us up! We’d truly be happy with the basics, we promise. At this point, a life like what is requested here seems like we’d have to win the damn lottery. Please, listen to us when we map out our financial disasters and why this isn’t working. We are the ones that don’t have the pantry (I still love that word) full and why we sit in and watch Netflix so we don’t spend money we don’t have and apparently ruin department stores and things. Pay us more, we’ll spend it…on things we wanna spend it on – but I swear to you the economy would go nuts.

For those that feel this deep in their soul, I hope that we all can make it to a day that car troubles aren’t a reason to cry and we all have good sized yards for our dogs. I hope that you don’t stress over loan payments and find a way to get those medical bills filed away before they make you gray in your thirties. I hope we all get that fantasy, but while we wait, make sure to still take time to do some things you enjoy, it’s more important than you think.

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