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Yesterday as I crept out of thirty and into thirty-one, Rami and I drove around the outskirts and the hills of Florence, stopping to have lunch on the way in a quiet restaurant. The waitress nicknamed Luna potato. We came home as the rain started again and watched Elf and ordered in. It was a day that I needed after a week of schedule changes and early mornings. Thirty slipped away as silently as it came. Do you feel different? Everyone jokingly asks as we hit another point in our revolutions around the sun. Honestly, I find it a silly question. When I was younger, I thought being older would feel different. But honestly, in many ways deep down I feel like the same person I was when I needed a step stool to wash my hands in the sink.

I feel a bit different as a writer, after completing a project like this. Though I know I didn’t hit 365 posts, I’m happy I kept it up, and pushed that publish button almost every day. That was the entire point, to get the words off the page and out so people could read them. So for those that have followed this year of random, non-edited posts, thank you for reading and letting me know what you appreciated most. I’ve appreciated that more than anything. A special thanks to my husband Rami and his tolerance for the many days where he had to wait for me to finish my daily post. If we had a dollar for every time he asked if I had written my blog yet, we could both retire already. Also thanks to my family and friends that appreciated and shared my writing. It means so much. Also thanks to my friend Ela, for the inspiration for the project, and for the cappuccino with This is Thirty written in the foam for the last day. Only in Italy.

Though I won’t be continuing a This is Thirty-One series (there’s no ring to that anyway) I’ll still be posting to this blog, just not every day. If you want to see the next project I’ll be commandeering, you can follow the social media channels for ACCENT Study Abroad – Florence.

Thank you all again for reading. It was fun writing it all down.

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