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Today is the last family day for awhile. Sami is heading back to California tomorrow and so we’re heading out to brave the rain in the center of the city for a bit after I finish this. Rami’s still at work so it’s always a rush when you have people in nightlife, but sometimes the lazy mornings with coffee in bed make up for the late nights.

As Sami heads back to the country his brother isn’t allowed into, I applied for Italian citizenship for the second time this afternoon after redoing my FBI background check. Though most Italians cried for me at the thought of paying an extra 50 Euro in recently jacked-up citizenship application fees, I have to say I love this country. If anyone even applies for a visa in the US and forgets a paper or didn’t fill something out correctly, you’re denied and have to start from zero – meaning paying again, applying again, everything.

For Italian, it said in the instructions of my first denial that my FBI doc was expired (I knew this, I tried anyway) and that I didn’t state the country of my birthplace (scusa, Massachusetts is usually enough) BUT I can just remedy those things (ok the fingerprints were a total of almost $500 to redo) and reapply with the same docs and same payment fee. Because that’s normal. Because that makes sense. Because, from my perspective, the Italian govt isn’t trying to make this more difficult than it already is, and is certainly not targeting immigrants to make money.

Someday this will all be over and I’ll have a maroon passport and fees and applications will be behind us. I can’t wait. In the meantime, we’re taking as much time to spend with family while we aren’t seperated by oceans again.


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