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Here’s a terribly summed up history of the beginning of United States that I’ve briefly re-researched and based on my spotty memory of my US history lessons throughout my childhood:

Some people from Europe didn’t like Europe. They didn’t have the life they wanted, and they were willing to travel elsewhere to get away from being under someone else’s thumb. So, some of them moved across the ocean to the “new” world. (I’m not getting into how some of those people then put the humans of the new world under their thumb, because the genocide of the Native American people is a book in itself)Those people in the new world still liked the stuff from their old world (like tea) so they didn’t mind they still were technically a colony – for a while. Then Europe decided that it wanted more control over their colony, and the ex-Europeans were upset with how they were being treated (shocker).

So, these previously European humans that moved across an ocean started an uprising against the European humans in Europe that were in power, and guys that were lawyers and doctors and blacksmiths and children picked up guns and decided they were a militia, and fought their own government. Then, it got worse and they said no we take it back, we’ll be a colony, and the king said Nah, you’re revolutionaries now, and so they were on their own. Then they panicked, built a navy and asked other European humans in other parts of Europe for help, and then they all fought each other and it was a complete and total mess – and then the “Americans” won, and so they got to make a new country.

The property owners were the ones that could make the rules after that. So, an unfair advantage I think, but anyway, these guys made the rules and it is here I remind you that many of these men, were my age and younger. They sat around, talked about their ideas as to how a new type of government would work, and then started working on it. And now, in 2019, 223 years after our first president said hey, don’t get into political parties, ok? It’ll get bad, we’re in two ridiculous political parties and it’s BAD.

And yet we’re still holding onto the yellowed paper of laws, when maybe what we should be doing is making a whole new set of them. That’s what they did when things weren’t going right anymore. When nothing was working as it should. Tear it up, rewrite it. Start from scratch. Anyone that honors the founding father’s so much should understand that. They took it upon themselves to take back their liberties and their freedoms, but those are just words. Beneath it all is that last one in another phrase that screams America. The pursuit of happiness. The words of that phrase never have to change, but the meaning changes for each and every human from sea to shining sea – and I am not seeing happiness lately and so what if a new group of thirty something’s decided to start a new government? How would that go over?

Probably the exact same, only the Americans would be the red coats, and the revolutionaries wouldn’t stand a chance. And if they asked another country for help? Well, then, we’re all goners.



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