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The day was full of little errands and time with a little grumpy Giulio that was definitely feeling the Mondays. I watched as he giggled and ran through the playground once he shook his pouts out on the walk home, I mowed our little lawn with our electric mower that I have to plug into our wall with an extension cord. I walked Luna around the block, only realizing afterward that they have finally opened the park again after the storm last week caused some of the great big umbrella pines to fall. I finally managed to get through to the website (it took multiple hours), and tonight I spent time working on projects in the center at the Oblate – an old convent on our old street that’s now a library. It’s a beautiful maze of a building, and they have tables and chairs set out in the balconies of the inner courtyards so it’s outdoor seating – open late, and one of the only places where you can get some work done without distraction even late night – and you don’t have to buy anything. Now, the temperature is dropping and it’s another busy day tomorrow, and I’d really just love to be able to be in bed before midnight. So a two-hundred word “paragraph” is what it’s going to be on this 297th day of this project. Long live early-er bedtimes in the thirtieth year!


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