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Photo by THG

We found another hideaway and are planning to run for the better half of next week. Up into the Apennines, we found another tower house – an old fifteenth-century structure that is has had barely any renovations. Even the furniture seems from a different time. In this place, we’ll have electricity from solar panels, and the outdoor shower may be a pleasant help with the temperatures threatening to climb again over this weekend. Three days with bonfires and walks in the woods. There’s an enormous field for Luna to run in, and they say the stars cover the sky at night instead of the city lights.

I feel like we’re starting to form a new type of tourism. This will be our third tower, our fourth without proper electricity. It’s like glamping, but better – and the prices can range from nothing to still decent, depending on where it is and how popular. It took us two days to find this place. Scouring through Airbnb listings and other “nature stay” sights. We pass up thousands of beautiful hotels, elegant Italian wonderlands with built-in restaurants and glorious pools, but for us, it’s better to explore, find the less expensive getaways that’ll take us off the grid and away from buffet breakfasts with bad cappuccino. Instead, we’ll make our own in a little moka the old fashioned way, then sit out in the morning fog and drink it as Luna runs in the dew. I want to get out to the few places in this country where there are more boars than humans. Get away from fancy events and echoing traffic. Bring me fresh air and green grass. Let us walk through that big wooden door and discover another little piece of this country that we’ll fall in love with – I can’t wait to share what’s behind it.


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