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Today we had to get up early to bring Luna to the vet to get spayed. Leaving the little monster that has crazy separation anxiety was miserable. She clung on to Rami’s arm like a monkey as he tried to pass her to the veterinarian. I sat and tried to push out all of the nerves of putting a Frenchie through anesthesia, but we got the call hours later and everything went incredibly well (thank GOD) and all my ridiculous anxiety was for nothing as usual (I’m working on it).  Now she’s back home and we’ve cranked the AC, grabbed snacks from Sara at the bakery, had Rami’s mother visit the sleepy little puppy and bring artichokes, an onion, and a cantaloupe, and now have watched I don’t know how many episodes of “The Good Place” on Netflix in rapid succession and have done almost nothing else. It’s pretty great. You all should watch it.

Luna with her shaved belly and sad eyes is sleeping next to me on the couch. She’s wobbled around the yard a few times and plopped down with her eyes already half closed hours ago. She wakes up every so often to lick an ice cube. Netflix has asked us if we’re still watching more times than should be necessary. On days like today, living in Florence doesn’t matter. It’s home, and we’re just lounging on our couch and in our lawn chairs taking care of a puppy and each other. In this crazy city and in this crazy life, sometimes it takes a recovery period to really sit down and take a rest. So when the need to sit arrives every so often, take it. We are. On to episode fifteen and more drowsy puppy snuggles. It’s a good day for us.

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