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At thirty years old I have been married for almost five years. Our anniversary is on the 16th not because I dreamt of getting married under the inferno of the Tuscan sun, but because it was one out of two dates we could choose after our paperwork was all filed correctly (after a month-long mistake) and before my tourist visa was up. In summer here, the biggest holiday of all of Italy is Ferragosto on the 15th. For ur wedding day, the man that performed the ceremony was wonderful, but even he plopped on his fishing hat afterward, wished us well, and headed back to his vacation.

We, like most couples, like celebrating the day, but unfortunately it’s the day when everything on the beaches is crowded, and everything in the cities is hot and closed. So figuring out what we want to do every year when Rami has these few days off, is challenging to say the least. This year, we’re taking a different route, and heading to Naples by train from Wednesday to Saturday.

Today I’ve been researching the city in Italian because most Americans are scared to step foot in crazy Napoli and honestly there isn’t much info. But we found a rooftop apartment (the owner is finding one of her neighbors still in town to give us the keys, because she’s at the beach) and we’re planning on mingling with the Napoletani that decided to stay in the city, eat a lot of good food, and relax near a body of water.

The only time I’ve ever stepped foot in Naples was in 2006, when my family and I got off the tour bus and waited for the ferry to Capri. This is all new territory for me, and I’m so excited. We have a list of recommendations from Rami’s work friends that grew up and live there, and the Archeological Museum that I’ve heard for years is the best collection of Pompeii artifacts, and we’re packing our bathing suits for the off-chance we find an empty beach (ha) and we’re ready to go. Luna is staying with my in-laws this time (Grazie a voi!) and so we’re dogless and will be able to be out in the heat.

Here comes another adventure.

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