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Today was my last day with Giulio. He’s getting a new nanny because they need more help and I need to work more on my writing as I gain more projects. I picked him up from school, his nose running from an oncoming cold (the teachers here don’t take care of nose-blowing? Not sure why, but guarantee that’s why everyone is sick always), and he and I hopped down the block and played red light green light. He collected a bouquet of pine needles for Alfonsina, who would meet us at the house later, and I’d officially pass my torch onto her, with my approval after spending the past few days together, playing play dough together with a three-year-old. She likes rules and clean houses, old-fashioned toys and open windows (something many Italians hate). He’ll be in good hands.

We’ll certainly still see him, and I’m the backup call if anything goes wrong. But for now, his English lessons are on hold, but I am absolutely going to turn it into our little secret language when he gets a bit older and understands how useful being bilingual can be.

I walked out of the house as the sun was setting, back to my bike and met Rami with Luna at the butcher to pick up dinner. In our backyard, we lit the grill and put on Spotify and took advantage of these cooler nights. Next week starts a new routine with more hours exploring libraries and coffee shops, and more words to be written. I can’t wait.


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