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I’d like to see one person stand up on that debate stand and answer questions like a human. I may just decide to vote for them on the spot. I’m watching the first Democratic debate in the background. I’m an hour in and everyone seems restless to get their words in over the others. I want someone up there to answer one question with “yes.” I want them all to stop talking when they’re supposed to. We’re certainly not brought up in American society to talk over others or take up more of our turn than the next person. God forbid someone cuts a line in anything and there will be someone making a deal about it. We weren’t allowed to speak out of turn in school. The debate for president though, ha, let’s see who can talk the loudest.

I haven’t even started the second half of the debate but I’m already tired even if I agree with many of the things they’re promising. There’s so much show to all of this. How much money does it take to produce these debates? How much money was poured into those fancy podiums while they spend two hours talking from behind them about how to use other money to take guns away nicely or how the man and his baby drowned trying to reach America. “BORING!” Yells the President from wherever he is with his phone in his hands.

It’s not boring, it’s too calculated to be boring. It’s not boring, it’s everything that decides everything for the next years of our lives. It’s not boring, it’s exhausting and too much and ridiculous, all of it. I want people to drop the facade but keep their manners. I want someone who looks at what the hell is going on around here and tries to make it better by being a human first and thinking of all other humans as people they could potentially love. (Didn’t think it’d get this hippy, did you?)

Truthfully, honestly, I think our political parties are the equivalent of using a quill and ink to write the lawbooks of 2019, but until other people start to lose faith in this silly dance that we do, I’ll keep watching and trying to understand it all so I’m not lost to who may decide how my life will play out in the upcoming years, and who they are as a person, if I can see through that shiny presidential candidate veneer that they push through the screen.

PS Just. Answer. The. Question. forchristsakes

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