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I finally had all of my paperwork together, and I started to send it in. Thirteen pages of questions of information to fill in and then I needed to upload scans of all pages of all documents. Done. Fatto. I sent it in, and it was rejected within 24 hours. I only put the name of the city in my location of birth, and my name was backward – my last name in the first name box and vice versa.

Ok, reasonable. This was the second time I was rejected but I can take it – obviously I don’t want my first name to become Harvey here, so I went back into the forms for the third time in total, and started again, and realized I couldn’t edit my name, and it had been that way even the first time, because that info comes from the login used on the website, not the form. I go to change the login information, and can’t edit that part. I search for a few minutes for an answer, find one, and just decide to use my other email address and restart that way.

The third rejection I received told me that I hadn’t passed (when did this become a test?) becauseĀ I put too much info on the line for my place of birth…(cue internal screaming) and I hadn’t put my second name, and that my birth certificate translation wasn’t translated by a certified translator (of the right type). It took my father-and-law and me (I needed backup at this point) about fifteen minutes to figure out my “second” name was my middle name and it goes after my first because Italians don’t normally have middle names. But what about the birth certificate? I asked Bassel. “Eh just put it again.”

So I was rejected a fourth time but I’m down to the translation problem, which I definitely had translated by a lovely woman that is certainly certified, but something has changed and she, of course, because this is how my life goes when dealing with paperwork, is in Australia tending to family until at least mid-December. The time on my documents is running out again, and I’m waiting to hear if she can somehow magically fix this from the other side of the world. Again, it’s not that bad of a wait when I can sit out in the sun (there was SUN TODAY) and enjoy a perfectly-frothed cappuccino, so I’ll end on that note. Today was a perfect coffee day.

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