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I get friends on my pages saying I should start a vlog. I get ads on my facebook telling me how easy it is to become a wandering nomad, working off my computer and my phone and living life “completely free.” I just clicked on one young woman’s (we need an equivalent of the word “guy” for females. Girl is apparently not ok to older…women, and “woman” makes me feel like I’m old. Whats that middle world? Chick? No.) ad and sought out what she wanted to “teach me.”

When I see these ads and pages full of beautiful photos of these “influencers” sitting with camels in the desert or gracefully wrapped in blankets looking out over some ridiculously beautiful view, I have the same reaction as everyone else at first: Oh! It’s beautiful! But the second after that, I know what it took to get that shot. I know how much time these people spend throughout their normal days to make their perfect posts and top the charts on Google. I know that maybe you aren’t stuck in an office for hours a day, and maybe you’re doing “your” stuff, but it’s not freedom, not to me. You’re just giving that up in a non-conventional way. If anything, all of a sudden my entire life would be public, and I like my privacy more than most.

If I spend more than five minutes on an Instagram picture, I get frustrated and won’t post it. If I had more than one or two stories on my posts a day, I think Rami would divorce me. Sure you travel to amazing places and get that perfect shot, but did you actually experience where you are? Was the place an afterthought after the photo shoot or was it why you were there in the first place. Did you really want to go to that event, or did you just know it’d be great for insta? Did you really spend an incredible day with your other half? Or did you make them take ridiculous pictures of you on the beach for half the time?

I guess it’s like any other job, but this one seems all-encompassing. Constantly being attached to a mass of people that are lackadaisically waiting for your next post, and if it doesn’t come fast enough, they’ll delete you and find someone else to watch. It’s an all-day everyday popularity contest and if that’s freedom, I don’t want anything to do with it. One of these influencer’s tips to gain more followers was to get more personal, have daily talks in your stories, go live! I honestly don’t know about you all, but if I had to go live every day I’m pretty sure I’d lose followers, not gain them, because I don’t bullshit, I don’t create these fantasy worlds that are perfect and photo-ready. .If I see something beautiful, I’ll capture it. If people want to see my face, sure I’ll take some selfies, sometimes, but get ready for smudged glasses, no makeup, and no bullshit. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

And at the end of the day, I’m much better at writing than speaking, so I swear this works out better for all of us.


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