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As the local supermarket has a promotion with little Harry Potter toys, we decided to pull out our box set and watch the movies all the way through. We started with the first yesterday and just finished the third.

I grew up with Harry Potter, though I honestly can’t remember the year I started reading the series. I know it was a bit after the popularity had grown a bit, and I don’t remember even buying the first one. By the third, I’m pretty sure I bought it when it came out, but the memory is still blurry. But I specifically remember pre-ordering the 4th and having it delivered by Amazon (the bookstore) and reading all 734 pages in a few days.

I want to say I was twelve when I opened the first book – because Harry turns eleven, and I know I was always close in age as the books came out through the years. It made the story even more interesting, watching the characters grow up right along with me. Facing challenges and changing friendships.¬†Harry Potter was magic¬†and I was in Catholic school. I still remember my Principal, Sister Maria, didn’t like the sound of Harry Potter at first, and I think it might even have been “banned” in the school for a while until she broke down out of curiosity and got it as a book-on-tape, and finally admitted she loved it.

This magical world of Hogwarts fueled my imagination and my passion for writing. J.K. Rowling is an author to look up to, and knowing that Harry started as a few notes on a napkin while almost being homeless will make any writer fill with hope.

Rowling gave an entire generation a wonderful story, but also an entire culture, and it all began in drops of ink from a pen and a writer that finally got to writing the words physically on the page. So thanks for the movie nights, Joanne, and thanks for writing, most of all.

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