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“No Frank,” the woman pleaded as she pulled on her end of the leash with both hands, “we don’t have to buy bread right now.” The golden retriever on the other end sat adamantly in front of the bakery, leaning against her, straining for the door with one paw.
“Ciao Frank!” I hear echoing from inside, and his ears perk up, and his owner groans. As I step by them on the sidewalk giggling. Florence is back to normal, everyday life and the temperatures are cooling down in the mornings and evenings, though it can still get annoyingly hot midday which means it’s a nightmare to know the proper amount of clothing to wear. We’re losing our late sunsets fast and the trees are starting to show signs of the end of the season. Finally. We’ve even had a little rain.

The neighborhood is alive again and everyone is back from the beach. I spent the morning in the library and the afternoon up in the dog park – much to Luna’s delight. Everyone is greeting each other again after the long vacations, and even the tourists are dwindling – just a bit. Soon, whatever produce has survived this crazy hot summer will be thrown into food festivals throughout the region and our off days will be searching the countryside for plates of the best of Tuscany (and the new wines, of course).

Today was the climate strike around the world.(Italy is moving the events to the 27th because of some conflict with the start of the school year). Greta Thunberg is the name on almost every headline. It’s a movement that has spread across the world and has brought thousands of people together. The Farmer’s Almanac says that the New England winter is going to be “teeth-chattering.” In Florence, we’ve had snow at least one day for the past two years which is not normal. We all know this was the hottest summer on record. Now people are starting to take notice. Everywhere. It’s wonderful, but now I want to see actual change out of it, and quick.


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