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Today is Father’s Day in the US (not in Itay. – we’ve already had it) and so I sat and looked through photos I have of my father and I talked to my stepfather and after that, I’d like it all to stop, please, seeing that it’s not all barbeques and pool parties for me.┬áThere are really great organizations like ModernLoss, and more and more articles all over the web that help today more bearable for those who aren’t exactly celebrating today, at least not in the normal way. They even have a Modern Loss Father’s Day (and Mother’s Day) Gift Swap online, which I think is the most awesome idea ever.

You can sign up a while before the day and be paired with another person that has felt loss and the day isn’t really the same as it “should” be. You get a little information on their likes and then you have to send them a gift for around $25. Meanwhile, someone gets your name off the list and sends you a gift. It’s something to look forward too from someone else who knows. I’d recommend it to anyone in the US. I took part through a friend this year and it was a really perfect tradition to start. Maybe someday we can get it international.

For all those wishing today wasn’t today, I know how you feel. Take time for the Dad that isn’t around, then focus on other wonderful fathers we have in our lives. I am so lucky to have Bassel right here in Florence. I have Jim when I’m home. I have my grandfather, Brian, in Maine and so many uncles and cousins and friends who are incredible fathers and I am so happy to celebrate them all today, even from across the ocean.

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