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The weather is starting to feel like autumn even as it’s almost Halloween, although I still didn’t even need a jacket today when I walked to the store with Luna. The ground is seemingly wet, always, but it only seems to rain at night, and once all day, and everyone’s wandering around in jackets and umbrellas but then becoming a human coat rack. by midafternoon.  The leaves are falling though, and they’re smelling incredible. Rotting leaves. One of my favorite smells I never knew I had. But every time there’s a pile I crunch through it, even if it’s only browns and faded greens. Down the side street, one house taped a little ghost onto their window. Other than that, Halloween is an American thing mostly, though All Souls day on November first is a holiday. There are some parties and whatnot in the center for the more international crowd, and I even went on a Halloween tour that was really interesting!

Tomorrow Rami’s brother is flying in from California for a visit and Friday we’re heading out to a restaurant my mother-in-law has recently discovered. A bit of downtime, family time, as we wait for news of Rami’s contract. I’m waiting for my fingerprints to be translated next Monday, waiting for my permesso to be ready so I can make another appointment to go pick it up. But while we wait we make risotto with fresh porcini mushrooms (I physically and successfully created it, with a lot of instruction from poor Rami who has worked a ridiculous amount of overtime lately) and head out to afternoon lunches and long walks with Luna. The holidays are coming fast with no barrier of Thanksgiving. The Christmas candies are starting to trickle into the supermarkets, and we’re officially one month away from the opening of the Christmas Market in Santa Croce. I’m getting cravings for mulled cider already. And pretzels, ohhh the pretzels! I can’t wait, but I have to, so we will, and see what the next month holds.


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