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I’ve just attempted to cook dinner twice, and now Rami is finishing (and fixing) what I started. This is not the first time this has happened, though usually I only have time to fail once. It certainly won’t be the last because even though my attempts at cooking something usually mean I ruin and throw out half of our groceries, I’m hoping someday¬†I’ll get the hang of it, or at least want to. I want to be a good cook now because I would like to feed people. When I’m by myself, I’d much rather fry or boil an egg, make a really simple pasta sauce, or honestly just graze around the fridge and compiling a meal over a few hours. Still healthy, fruits, yogurt, meats, cheese, bread, just simple and not prepared. While I wrote that paragraph I got hit with that incredible aroma of white truffle. I didn’t even know we had anything truffle. I know I have to change that mindset of “not caring,” and apparently learn more about what we have in our kitchen. It just shows that cooking and everything culinary is a passion. I appreciate that passion always – especially because I don’t have it. So when my husband can get up from a nap, thinking I’ve made dinner and I have not¬†and am on to my third recipe and running out of useable ingredients, he can throw magic at my mess and create a masterpiece. Every time.

So someday I’ll try and cook for myself and someday after more practice than I make I’ll maybe get one or two recipes down so well I can’t mess them up. Right now I just thank everyone who has a passion for food because we all need it and I appreciate good food – I just can’t make it.

And a huge THANK YOU I LOVE YOU to Rami who is currently yelling at me to eat my beautiful plate of pumpkin ravioli with a zucchini, leak, black truffle, and cream cheese sauce and if I don’t it’ll get clumpy if it cools.

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