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After a week of entries, writing these certainly doesn’t feel normal, and I still want to perfect every post and lie awake at night wondering if I copied the wrong thing WordPress before I pressed publish. In other ways, I like knowing something specific I have to do every day, and normally this does lead to ideas, emails and all the rest of the things I do other than type really fast on a MacBook. Let’s hope it just keeps getting easier and the words make sense – and that I’m not boring my readers yet.

Today our doorbell rang and the delivery guy handed me a package the size of my hand, asked me to sign one of those annoying digital signatures on his phone with my finger which NEVER work, and left me wondering what the hell did I order that I forgot about?

I had no memory of something that small, but when we opened it I was just impressed that it had arrived as fast as it did from China. Rami got a new blood glucose reader, called a Miao Miao, that sends his readings directly to his iPhone instead of pricking his finger to test his blood and it is absolutely awesome. We spent the afternoon setting it up and downloading the appropriate apps to his phone. Our favorite part was setting the alarms that alert for low or high blood sugars – there were way too many amusing sounds to choose from and we ended up with an array of alerts that are definitely going to catch our attention.

Being able to sit on the couch and have a phone read out a blood sugar level is incredible seeing that just six years ago Rami’s local doctor had never even seen an Omnipod. No, this specific company isn’t funded by the Italian healthcare system yet, but the other sensor that it attaches to is paid for, and that wasn’t even available the year before that. So I’m sure it’ll keep going in that direction – I’ve heard of other companies (also from New England) that are planning on even full loops of insulin included as well – so no one would even have to give what they ate a second thought. 

So there’s a ridiculous amount of really rapid advancements in diabetes research and it’s making our lives easier every day – though what we’re really looking for is something like Dr. Faustman in Boston – who is successfully treating type one patients with an absolutely safe and already widely-used vaccine in different doses in order to stabilize blood sugars in patients long term.

If you want to donate to her research, you can on her page:


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