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In 1999 I was eleven on New Year’s Eve and I still can remember the hype around what the Millenium would bring. At midnight my Dad turned off the lights at Jean’s house and cackled when it stopped everyone short for a second. In the months leading up to the big day, I can still remember seeing the tabloids at Market Basket with blazing headlines like PLANES WILL FALL OUT OF THE SKY! COUNTRY-WIDE BLACKOUTS! COMPUTERS DON’T UNDERSTAND 2000. Of course, nothing happened and everyone partied as hard as Prince had told them to long before, and then everyone messed up writing the date repeatedly for months and that was about as bad as it got.

That year I still was adding to my charm bracelet – inspired by my Grandmother, who gave me my first charms (a cat and a Bible because it was my First Communion) and my Nana, who had a beautiful gold bracelet heavy with charms that would come out of her jewelry box every-so-often, though she never wore it. In the year 1999, I got a charm for the event – a little silver ’99. Everyone was talking about the Millenium, what will happen, what will be different, change, be better. The year was specialĀ because it was the end of something that had brought so much – a century of history, but there was so much hope and promise right on the horizon, and humans like to mark seemingly pivotal events like this – even if it is just truly a number, another day, another year.

So here I am marking my 99th blog post and talking about it like it’s kinda important – because humans do things like that.

Tomorrow is St.Patrick’s Day, and I will celebrate it happily on my couch watching my social media feeds fill with Irish antics and green everything. I’ve had my fun in the center of Florence with a ridiculously stereotypical beer-fest spilling out of all the Irish Pubs. The city is full of foreigners that cannot hold their alcohol. Also, fun-fact this year, its that Firenze Fantasy has taken over the Fortezza da Basso. This huge cosplay event will be mixing with the Irish celebrators.

I’m definitely going to stay home. If I was home-home (the English language needs more words) in New England, I’d make more of an effort to show an Irish enthusiasm for the event, but here, it’s honestly just another day for Italians, and I’m ok with that. What I’d really like to do if I had unlimited time and money, is head to Niagra falls to watch that turn green (they’re doing it with lights!) – then party on the Canadian side with Rami seeing that we couldn’t cross together.

Alas, I will be here, writing my 100th blog post, which isn’t really a goal of any sort out of 365, but for some reason, humans like it – as an age, as an amount of money, as a pushup count, you get the picture. It’s fancy – but when the 00’s come around, you get to wear the years as glasses while waiting for the ball to drop, and everything actually usually does seem to get better. It’s a well-rounded accomplishment – a hearty portion of whatever we’re counting. So we celebrate it.

Instead of St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, it’s This is One-Hundred, and I’ll try and celebrate accordingly.






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