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My bike was there all in one piece, even sheltered from the rain by the tower, when I picked it up this afternoon. Just for anyone that was worried. Anyone that has owned a bike in Florence knows the worry.

The thing I miss most about driving so often was there was more music in my life. The music in the car raised me in a way, and now I’ve been in radio silence for years – instead of the latest music, I listen to the soundtrack of the streets of Florence. For music, we have Spotify and don’t even pay for it…yet. But it isn’t like the radio – I’m not forced into listening to things (except ads) and normally I just search for what I want instead of discovering new songs. Yes, occasionally, I push myself through the top 10 by country, but not enough to really get a feel for what’s happening in the music scene. Thankfully, my husband filled me in a bit after he got an odd fascination with this new bunch of rappers? with tattoos on their faces, so I know a bit about that – but definitely not enough.

When Ariana Grande, a name I still knew, was getting oddly popular and causing a ruckus on Twitter, I caved and listened to what was then the two top songs in the country, but I heard nothing new. According to my brain, The Sound of Music was in the top spot on the charts, with N*SYNC coming in as a close second. WHAT. IS. HAPPENING.

Now, I’m not hating on Ms. Grande – I think she’s one of few that actually has a voice and I would be lying if I said that I haven’t had those songs on repeat since that day. BUT, I wonder how much of me liking them is because they make me think of Julie Andrews and Justin Timberlake (circa Ramen hair). I know this also happened in the ’90s and almost every decade in recent history – it’s a repeat process, but with all of the technology and money going into this industry now, can’t we at least get a different base beat for top songs? Or are you all bowing down to the masters and just not believing anyone can top it?

Or is it us that just can’t get away from those few tunes that make humans happy? I have no idea, all I know is that 7 Rings is driving me crazy, and I think it will until I know all the words, and Break Up With Your GirlfriendI’m Bored is way too long of a song title, but each time that nostalgic hook comes around I get excited. So the industry wins, even if they reuse stuff over and over. I just feel that if we started to create new things again, they may just be even more beautiful than what we already have.


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