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I haven’t left my house today. Rami got home late last night and was working tonight so we stayed in bed for the morning. The weather outside has turned appropriate for this time of year, even though I don’t like to admit it – cold and cloudy, all we were missing is rain. I hope that the lower temperatures don’t stunt my Jasmine plants which start to become the perfume of Florence in late spring.

It’s odd how much I still take advantage of this city on some days, then completely disregard it on others. In Haverhill, I wouldn’t think twice about staying in the house all day. Here, even on the crappiest ones, I still feel like I should at least walk up the hill to see the Duomo – but then “reason” gets in the way and I just want to stay cozy on my couch.

Yet, if tomorrow I knew that I only had days left in this dream city, all of a sudden, I’d be in line for every museum, buying leather and oil and wine, and going and doing all the things that I just haven’t gotten to yet because “there’s time – or there’s no time” depending on how you think about it.

I think overall, I don’t take my life here for granted, and I allow myself some lazy days wherever I am because sometimes, the weather is just telling you that you need a blanket, a cup of tea, and french bulldog snuggles – even if all of that is tucked right behind one of the most famous places in the world. Wherever you are, the beauty becomes the norm, and the novelty of it doesn’t wear off, but takes a different position on the scale of what’s important in life – and the biggest thing is – that we think we have an endless amount of time to appreciate it. I live in Florence – thus I have ENDLESS TIME in this city.

In the book A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, he talks about how when people travel, everything is new and exciting and you appreciate everything more. I think as a writer, I still pay attention to the details because I need to bring them up later for a story, but honestly, even I still get jaded in even the most beautiful places if they become routine for me. Not because I don’t see the beauty, but because I feel like I can put off appreciating it until later – because I am dead-set on never doubting there will be a later.

Tomorrow, I’ll go to a museum to make up for my inside day – and on Tuesday, I’ll walk Giulio through history and appreciate it, and at night I’ll be having fancy drinks out with friends at Santa Rosa, a beautiful little cafe on the banks of the Arno – and I’ll make sure to appreciate it all.

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