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Happy International Women’s Day!

It’s a holiday I only knew about after I moved here to Italy. Though it seems to have caught on at home (or social media just makes it more apparent – IDK) in recent years as well. Here, as I think I’ve mentioned, the first flowers to explode into color in big fluffy clouds of big-bird yellow in corners around the city. These are the flowers traditionally given out to Italian women throughout the day. On my daily walks, every other person has a flower in hand

We have a mimosa tree just across the street in the park. This year, it started to bloom right on time – and today, it’s glowing in the corner by the dog park. The first part to my flower calendar of Florence. First, the mimosa. In a day or two, the yellow will turn golden, then brown, but as they fade, the magnolia tree is budding.

Just yesterday, peeking out from the next yard behind our house, the pink flowers began to unfold into the sun. The two most beautiful ones are in Piazza Beccaria. If you look them up on Instagram, a few people have already posted photos full of pinks and purples – signs of spring. The daffodils are sprouting in the gardens and up in the olive groves, little white, purple, and pink flowers peek out between the gnarled roots and clay-heavy dirt.

Now, I’m waiting on my favorite – my little Wisteria vine – still showing no signs of life yet, but usually starts to stir just when the magnolia starts to drop their petals one-by-one. Last year the first flower was on April 21st, so we’re right on time.

Then the lilies sprout as the Wisteria darken and the torrent of everything bursting to life seemingly all at once after that creates incredible amounts of color and beauty throughout the city, but also a lot of pollen 🙂 If you’re coming in the spring – make sure to bring your allergy meds! I’ll tell you though, it’s absolutely worth it.

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