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Today is the last day Rami and I have at the house together. Tomorrow he starts back at the St. Regis after a long forced vacation because of the ridiculous laws around work contracts here. That means our lives will gravitate towards the center more – just as the weather gets warmer. I’m starting to see people sprawled out on the grass in the gardens in the afternoon and there are more scooters on the roads seeing that the rainy season is seemingly nonexistent. The mimosa trees are blooming bright puffs of yellow right on time for Women’s Day that’s right around the corner, and I’m feeling the draw to stroll through the center a little more regularly.

Soon our mornings or afternoons will be filled with scooter rides into the center. Luna is not as overly-friendly as Stitch was and can sit appropriately in a cafe, which makes my writing life much easier. After an extremely inconvenient popped tire, I dragged my bike into the local repair shop for a change and then asked for his creative advice on how to appropriately attach a basket that will hold a 20lb bulldog. He did excellent work, even if he looked at me a bit strange when I first mumbled through my initial request, and though we are slightly topheavy, we are now mobile for longer distances in nice weather.

I’m ready for a more strict schedule, even though it still won’t be Monday to Friday, and think that this spring in Florence is looking to be a beautiful one! I just can’t wait for the Jasmine to bloom.

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