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I grew up loving Fridays. In my family, “Thank Christ It’s Friday” is an official slogan. We lived for the weekends, and they were the happiest days of about twenty-three years of my life while it rotated on the same schedule as most of the US. Once I was in Italy, Fridays were spent in the Swiss Alps or on Croatian island cruises. I was absolutely happy it was Friday, but not in the same way as I used to be. I wasn’t slogging through a schedule anymore to getĀ to Friday. It was just another awesome day of the week. Then, once I met Rami and spent more time in the tourism industry, Fridays suddenly weren’t “fridays” at all. It wasn’t the end of the week, it was another day of the week where I worked and Rami worked. When he had his “weekend” on Tuesday and Wednesday, mine was still Saturday and Sunday, so it still wasn’t the same. The days started to become more spontaneous with planning things and not based on a work-week/weekend schedule.

Not that Italy has the same idea for a week as in the US. Kids go to school on Saturdays, so weekend family trips don’t happen that often. Long summer vacations are more the focus. So yes, Friday is still Friday for those that work, but again, in a city full of tourism that runs 24/7, a ton of people have crazy schedules here.

I’ve gotten used to life this way. Living by the day instead of MONDAYS or HUMP DAYY or Thank Christ It’s Friday. I wake up just thinking of what there is to do that day and then decided if it’s going to make me happy or not. Which makes me wonder how many of my Mondays were really that terrible when I used to think they were. I see more and more people I know starting to slide away from the Monday to Friday lifestyle, and I wonder if the happy parts of dreamingĀ of Fridays will largely disappear at some point. Maybe soon we’ll all be just living day by day. Deciding for ourselves what is thrilling and what is dull. I’m still not sure what lifestyle is “better” or if there’s one, but it’s interesting to see it from both directions.

Tomorrow Rami is working from home for the morning and I am on Luna duty and could work, maybe. I could also go for a hike. I haven’t decided. Before I started this post I had to look to see what day it was just so I could plan bus routes for the morning. To me, it could’ve easily been Saturday or Wednesday. Then I remembered I had Giulio today, and I swear that little boy’s schedule is the only thing that keeps me in line with the real world.

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