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Apparently, Asmana is a word in the Marathi language from India that means “the sky or heavens.” In Florence since 2015, it means the biggest day spa in Tuscany – and we got to go again today because we had a gift card. I’ll tell you, it’s absolutely appropriately named. Asmana Spa is just outside of the city of Florence and is a solitary structure that can be described as heaven to anyone that loves to relax.

There are various ways to visit the spa – you can get a package of a full day complete with towels, flip-flop and robe rentals. There’s a full menu of treatments and massages – even a hammam. This place is open until midnight right now, and there are nap rooms, and a restaurant, and a swim-up indoor-outdoor bar. It is possible to spend the entire day there. Or, you can bring everything with you (like we do), and just pay the entrance fee for two hours (21 Euro) and have an afternoon breather before going back to the everyday.

Today because of the gift card, we had unlimited time, which is honestly worth it (34 Euro pp) if you don’t want to feel rushed.

Walking inside Asmana is a dream. Narrow changing rooms and rows of mirrors and hair dryers are stylishly lit, the noise is muffled, then all of a sudden you’re in a sprawling oasis. The main room is three or stories tall and honestly, I occasionally feel like we’re in a wildlife habitat (the translation on their website literally calls it the “Internal Tank”) The indoor pool bar is a swim-up covered in vines in the corner opposite palm trees that line the side of the pool. The “coves” of the indoor pool each hold a different type of underwater lounge chair or massage options. You can swim through the glass doors to the right of the bar and head outside (this is wonderful when it is February) where the pool sprawls out around the outside bar and down to the opposite end of the building – again, various whirlpools and fountains and jets along the way. In the summer, there’s an endless supply of lounge chairs in the sun.

THEN there’s everything else.

Every time we’ve gone back, including today, there’s been new rooms opened and added, but off the top of my head, there are six saunas now, one of the biggest indoor waterfalls in a certain amount of area, three steam rooms, nap rooms, relaxation rooms, and just plain beautiful quiet peacefulness – even if there are 500 people there. Each sauna has a different theme and temperature, one is an herb sauna, another a zen sauna with color-changing lighting. Another is the wine sauna with an enormous old oak barrel in the center. The hammam area has another inner pool, the enormous sauna (we lost Kelsea on the other side of it when she came to visit and we took her to kill the jetlag). There are three other small rooms in that area – one with a small steam room that I can only describe as holding ruby-red tiled thrones, and the other is the actual Hammam room, but honestly to me it looks like something Willy Wonka would love – multiple faucets that pour out suds that smell like essential oils.

There’s a quiet room with walls of backlit Himalayan salt walls. When we went in, there was a girl sitting in one of the nooks in the corner, thoroughly engrossed in a book, and I was incredibly jealous I hadn’t thought to bring mine. There’s another room that has a nature soundtrack and designed like the trees. All of the lounges swing from the ceiling.

The only complaint Rami ever has is that they don’t have a place to stay in walking distance. It’s an oasis (or heaven) for jet-lag and although I don’t ever want it to actually get crowded, if a few of you got to enjoy it, I guess that’d be ok. Just know that if you come to visit, envision cascading waterfalls and heated pools while on that god-awful flight. You can detox right out of the airport if you want to!


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