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It is 1 AM and I just now had time to sit and write. The day was long and busy with voluntary and involuntary events, but some of it was work which was great, and another few hours was watching a little two-year-old, and we made progress with his separation anxiety today so that was grand.

I ducked into the Medici Palace seeing that I had made it into the center early. The Banksy exhibit was also included in the ticket, and if you don’t know who Banksy is, you’re already missing out. The famous street artist is famous for his art and for his mystery, but to me, I just keep seeing so many support him that don’t get his message. It’s like he’s shoving tragedy in people’s faces, saying that commercialism and so many other things are bad, and yet people pay thousands for his work because it is ART. In his latest stunt, he shredded one of his famous Balloon Girl prints right after it was bought at an auction, to show how silly it is to commercialize something like artwork (nevermind a thousand other things he wants to explain). Then they made it more expensive, the destroyed piece was now one of a kind.

Somehow Banksy has committed incredible crimes, defaced property, hung up his own art amongst those in the Louvre, and he’s managed to be so unknown that he could sell his art on the street for $60 without anyone noticing. That is success. I just wish those that are using his name to profit – while he seemingly refuses to – would understand what he’s really trying to tell us all. Instead of taking the piece of concrete he spraypainted and preserving it in a museum, maybe we need to focus on what the art is saying, maybe we should focus on taking care of what that cement was holding up, or we may be all preserved in a museum one day instead. And we won’t cost more now that we’re destroyed.


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