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We’re heading out tonight to see old friends. One on the other side of town and then picking one up at the airport. The weather is thankfully better and warmer today so hopefully, the evening will continue the same way.

Living in Florence has its benefits when thinking about social life. Anyone in the vicinity of the city can get to each other within a half hour on public transportation. For international visits, many are able to stop by while on international work assignments or even just on vacation. We’re a popular spot. Now with the new team line hopefully opening up on the 11th of this month, visitors flying into Florence airport only have to pay a few euros and you can step out into the center- right down the street from our house.

Before, the most convenient way into the center from the airport was a 20 Euro taxi, and taxis honestly aren’t that reliable in this city.

There is no Uber in Florence. The Florentines that have the taxi licenses made sure of that. They didn’t want the competition. That meant that sometimes there wouldn’t be taxis waiting at the airport, or that the phones for the taxi companies would be taken off the hook on a busy night like New Year’s Eve, leaving people stranded.

The tram was supposed to open this past weekend but during the tests, traffic around the city center was horrendous, so they have another few bugs to fix. I was excited to try and take it to pick up my friend Erin tonight, but again, as Italy is constantly teaching me, nothing can really be planned. Going with the flow is essential.

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