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After days of immigration and government shutdown attention, my posts became a bit more focused and centered on information I had already written in the past, but felt I needed to get out in the public eye again. Mainly, it was so I could just send a link to people with questions instead of typing it all out again, but also because I feel that many/most people don’t really understand how absolutely ridiculous the legal immigration system is in the US. Writing about the consulate and immigration from editing old posts got me a little out of sync with what I really wanted to do on here – which was really just to actually write new content every single day. I’m trying to get back to that.

There are so many articles out there on “how to blog every day” but when you get into the details, it’s all about gaining more readers, SEO, how to structure posts in order to grow your following. I’ll tell you right now, I’m not doing that here. I’m not looking to go viral from these blogs.¬†I refuse to limit my posts to a specific word count if I have something that takes more words. I don’t care if I don’t have enough subheadings. I’m just looking to contract a virus that I actually want to be sick with – the disease I want is the habit of putting words on paper every single day because if I can do that, the rest will be so much easier. If you appreciate the posts and like to read, welcome to my rough draft year, because I guess that is what I’m determining this project to be.

Posts like the creative writing clips and things like little memories of Storrow Drive or Christmas Eve may be developed into something longer later – maybe something with a binding. Others may never be looked at again. All I know is at the end of this year, I’ll have 365 starts, drafts, loads of crap, masterpieces – who knows how I’ll feel then, but it’s a hell of a lot better than having zero.

Last night I watched a documentary on how this world of likes and followers developed. I have been forced to be that person before – to be the one that people should follow, even at the very beginnings of the “likes” culture – that’s why I have over 2,000 “friends” on Facebook. But I’d honestly rather have a book published than go viral on Instagram. I’d rather have a few people write to me saying that something I wrote for myself made a difference for them.

So I disregard the SEO and readability data when I write these because I don’t want to structure my thoughts to fit someone else’s standard. I write how I write, and if people like it, great! If not, then I like it, and I do know how to tease my words into the “mold” that makes money – if I have to do it. As I have said many times, if the average person could read my handwriting, this would probably be just pictures of an actual pen-and-paper journal. Unfortunately, I got a really odd mix of my mother’s extremely legible, though loopy, script and my fathers doctor-prescription-style chicken scratch. So the digital¬†world will have to hold my thoughts for now because if this is public, I can’t put it off, I can’t procrastinate. It’s working well so far, now it’s time to define what I want to do a bit more, maybe start a larger project. Maybe train these posts in another direction. Not sure yet, but we’ll see how it progresses day to day.



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