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I cannot write today
Not in complete sentences that are
carefully planned out to make something I’m feeling
resonate in your head at the same vibration,
an echo of my thoughts
transferred through a digital screen
used as a tuning fork
so you can hear my imperfect pitch

Forget the right thing today
Forget the truth
Apparently neither of those matter anymore
They’ve been stomped on more than any American flag
And thrown in the same bin where we placed the Golden rule
No one has to use them anymore
Not the janitor
Not even the president

But remember that the janitor still forces a smile
While fixing the mess the rest of us leave behind
Making things right again, and again, and again
All while repeating the newest word they overheard that day
Again, and again, and again
So they’ll feel a little less anxious later
when someone asks them a question
in English

The President forces a shutdown
and the Democrats force a shutdown
and the fingers are pointed in all directions
away from the real issue
And nothing is made right again
And none of them are wiping up the mess
And I’m not sure how long we can force a smile
again, and again, and again

And no one is listening to the new words that the janitor learned
Because they’re spoken with an accent

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