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I wanted to write about our day in Pisa today but it’ll have to wait until tomorrow. I am exhausted after filling out a US Visa application with Rami for a temporary travel visa to the US for this summer. We absolutely know it won’t work, but we’re just tired of being silenced. The last time I was in the Consulate, I asked if I could see Rami’s records because I just don’t understand what happened back in 2009. They refused until I caused a fuss, then came back and told me that they didn’t have any record of his student visa and suggested that I should think about the fact that my husband may have falsified his documents. If anyone hasn’t been hanging around our immigration story, I am sorry and I am sure I will be writing a lot about it in the upcoming weeks as we prep ourselves for Rami’s appointment.

We just finished four hours of filling in an application that is supposed to take approximately 75 minutes. We had to retake Rami’s photo seven times for it to be accepted. If we didn’t complete each page in under five minutes (and this includes in-depth research like finding the dates for all of his entries into the US), the government website logs you out. You have to log back in and restart the page. Every time. Rami answered questions about if he was ever in a cult, heading to the US for child trafficking, or if he had gotten rid of US citizenship to avoid taxes. We paid $160 on my US card because they wouldn’t accept credit cards – only debit or a bank transfer (which would’ve taken days to process). We’re finally scheduled and exhausted.

I don’t know what will happen that morning. In my dreams, we’d walk out and have all of this hell summed up to paperwork issues and we’d be in the US together to visit by this summer. The other results, I don’t want to even think about yet.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about how I finally discovered the pretty side of Pisa, but today, the US government has again torn us down, and we need a bit to recover.

A domaniiii

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