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It’s a new year and I’m deciding to do a few things differently.

I work completely online now. I am constantly on my computer or my phone for work. I love that I can work as easily from my couch as in a library as an airport. Sometimes I still want a job that I get paid to do away from the computer, but the mobility for my international life really helps. I also have family and friends across the world, and the only way to talk to them is if I have some screen handy. I love that I can be there for friends and get news from home quickly. I love having my Mum or brother at the other end of the phone in a second – as easy as it is if we lived in the same neighborhood.

The problem is everything in between, when twenty minutes after I picked up my phone to look up something, I’m watching kids getting surprised by puppies and whoever Ellen just had on her show. That is on the good days of distraction. We all get addicted to scrolling through random posts, but this year, I want to read more. I want to write more. I want to spend more time thinking instead of being told what to think. I already deleted Snapchat because I couldn’t handle it all.

Just recently I was waiting at the Doctor’s office and of course, was scrolling through emails and Instagram. I had a flashback to what waiting rooms were like before smartphones. It was lucky if there were a pile of magazines in the corner. There were many moments spent sitting and looking at walls. In the car, if I forgot my book, I was subject to whatever music was on the radio and whatever was interesting outside the window. Thankfully, I really liked books, so most of the time I was happy with waiting wherever. I just know there were many times that humans used to be forced to think for themselves and now, those moments seem to be much less frequent.

I’m starting with taking the advice from many articles and taking my phone away from my bedside. Still on ring, if there’s an emergency, it’ll be in my office. My bedside table will hopefully fill up with books and notebooks instead. When I was younger, I used to fall asleep with a book and wake up to read a bit before going downstairs and starting the day. It’s something that I think 2019 will welcome – plus I like coffee now so it’s an adult version. No Instagram allowed.

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