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I’m trying to decide if I want to get another Kindle. An Amazon gift card is sitting there waiting for me to turn it into something useful, and as I try and get back into reading more, it may be the answer. I’ve always been a book person. In school, I would read hundreds of books throughout the year. When technology caught up, it was conveniently around the time that my life became much more mobile, and a Kindle made sense not because I liked the digital aspect, but because I could buy a book from my bedroom and carry hundreds around with me without an extra suitcase.

I had the original Kindle that I liked well enough for these purposes, but then I stepped on it, and no one could fix it here in Italy. Now, I have a Kindle Fire, but that is honestly just another tablet with a book application – and the backlit screen and glare make it semi-useless in many situations. The worst thing and why I will never choose a digital book over a paper one: paper ones never run out of battery. I’d say about 50% of the time when I want to read, my book is dead.

I will always dream of having a library in my house – full of the books I’ve read over a lifetime. We’re cautious about keeping any possessions at this point in our lives, however. We just don’t know where we’ll end up, and moving a library in suitcases (nevermind anything else) isn’t practical for anyone (though I know some that have done it and completely understand why). So because of that roundabout reasoning, I find myself looking to sell my¬†Fire and grab a new one that has gone back to looking like a proper book – it’s close enough, and now it’s apparently waterproof!

It isn’t like I live out of a suitcase anymore, but with close quarters and question-mark future plans really force us into minimalism. I see it in my grocery store choices, in what type of dog we chose to love (Frenchies are wonderfully portable), and why I sadly don’t have enough books in my house. Someday when we finally decide where to settle, I’ll have my bookshelves and maybe even a library – if we make millions and stay in Florence, be prepared to visit my villa complete with a sliding ladder (because I want to feel like Belle, of course). In the meantime, I’ll have to make do with the public ones down the street (and I honestly cannot complain about those, even though the ladders are off-limits) and my new Kindle.

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