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Last night we were watching Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix and he was in Ireland eating fish and chips. This led us to want fish and chips, which of course, you can’t really get in Florence. However, we can get fried fish, and it is the Sunday before New Year’s Eve, and so today we got up early, grabbed the car (thanks Laura & Bassel) and drove the hour and fifteen minutes or so to the beach town called Forte dei Marmi to find good fish and introduce Luna to the beach while she can be on it. Plus, it was 57F out so to everyone at home that IS a beach day.

There were a decent amount of people around the strip for the restaurants and shops that stay open year round. The first two we stopped at were booked solid for the short lunch period (most places won’t take anyone past two thirty) but the third had a table outside and we successfully had our perfect plates of fritto misto – which is basically a mix of fried calamari, shrimp, and little fish. If anyone’s interested, Osteria del Mare is the place to go. We may have also had plates of pasta with fish, and we also may have had a bottle of wine, because we’re in Italy, and you have to.

After, it was off to find a way onto the sand. Stretches of sandy beaches in Italy are lined with private beach clubs. For me, going to the beach is parking at the seawall or Hampton beach and getting out of the car with the waves almost hitting you in the face. Nothing is built on the beach and a wide-open panorama of ocean meets you everywhere. Here, the sea sits hidden on the other side of the cabanas. We wove our way on wooden walkways and through winterized patios to find the winter sun sitting low over the sea.

A decent amount of people were walking the barren beaches – the rows of chairs and umbrellas packed away for the winter – so the beach looked like home; wide open, free.

Luna went wild. We spent the next hour watching her run through the sand. No swimming practice yet though, it was warm, but I think if I even took off my shoes the Italians on the beach would’ve been calling me an ambulance for hypothermia. That’ll have to wait till it’s warmer. 

After the walk, we hopped back in the car with a very sandy dog and drove home. Not even that much traffic. Conclusion: watch more Netflix – you never know where it could take you – and use Sundays for adventures.


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