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It’s not Monday. I know this.
But its what I say whenever I have things that I need to do and then don’t do them. I’ll do them Monday.
This isn’t for things that are important per se. They’re long term house projects or things I just could have done today but then didn’t. I’ll start that new thing, schedule, whatever, on Monday. Next Monday will be it. Why? I have no idea. Sounds logical to most but what’s funny is Monday to me is the same as Wednesday, and honestly, the only day of the week that I notice is Sunday because everything around our house shutters down like we’re awaiting a war. I’ve explained this when referring to Fridays. 

So why do I pick Monday? Obviously, because Monday’s are supposed to be down-to-business days. Who thinks of starting some strict schedule on a Friday? In Italy, the calendars even start on a Monday instead of Sunday, which by now I think makes more sense.

Side note: My mind is completely messed up from having two ways of date writing, nevermind calendar set up. This is why I normally write out the words for dates instead of numbers because it’s either that or I will absolutely be asking the person in front of me what goes first – month or date? What country am I in? Do you want dots or hyphens or slashes in between or something else? (Did you know that Italians also have different ways of writing numbers? Opposite of the US, commas go where you think periods go, and periods go where you think commas should.)

I told myself today that I’d start something Monday, but really, I could start it tomorrow, and the only difference is that I’d be more productive a day earlier. I said I’d catch up on my blogs Monday, but now tomorrow will just be one post, back on track. Tomorrow, I’ll do the things I should and then some, and maybe more of us just need to stop waiting until Monday to start, and waiting for Friday to finish.

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