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I should have written long before this today, but even now its a bit difficult because I have a little face wedging its way onto my keyboard. Luna my french bulldog makes things, all things, a bit more complicated – but when you see her smushy face, it makes it worth it. Frenchies are a breed with a lot of controversies, but if you know how to have a bulldog (this is important), and if you live in a society that loves dogs, it’s absolutely worth it.

A few things to know: You will never have personal space again. This twenty-pound nugget will try and climb up into your lap while you’re on the toilet. In between snuggle sessions, you will deal with spontaneous zoomies through the house or outside – where no barrier or surface is left untouched by the wild tasmanian devil speeding in circles at top speed. You will wake up to bad-breath kisses and fall asleep to little snores that vibrate just as perfectly as a cat purr. You will not have a dog that likes to do things your way – they have an attitude that will challenge your patience and make you wonder why you didn’t get a Lab. They are messy and goofy and sound like little aliens, and maybe it’s because their big squishy lips cover their little teeth but not many people are afraid of them and more liken them to stuffed animals.

So even though my little Luna constantly wanted to play fetch today as I attempted to redo our garden, she’s the best thing we’ve got going for us right now; and when she was tired and attempted to repeatedly climb up me until I sat down, I obliged and sat with her curled up in my lap for longer than I should have. After a bath and a thorough drying with a blow dryer, she still shivers unless you put pajamas on her (they have duckies) or you offer yourself up as a personal heating pad until she’s ready to play again.

We’re currently in post-shower-shiver mode and sans duckie pajamas, and I can’t believe that is a sentence about my dog. Like I said, “little monster” is a more appropriate title. I don’t mind when my day gets crazy, because the humor and happiness that comes out of this little snoring lump next to me is incredibly wonderful. So I’ll write my blogs later and I’ll take breaks for snuggles because this is how life is with a French Bulldog, and I am perfectly happy with that. 🙂




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