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I’ve never been a morning person – and there have only been two things that ever motivated me to become semi-conscious before the sun comes up: the promise of some adventure that requires a ridiculously early departure time (waterskiing, early trains/buses/flights, sunrises in beautiful places), and when I was in charge of motivating a team of girls to get up and go to a winter rugby practice at 6 am because that was the only time we could have the gym.

Other than that, I was the baby my parents were afraid to wake up because of how grumpy I could be. I was the one with the reputation of throwing punches at sleepovers if anyone tried to wake me up in the morning. I still am able to shut off alarms in my sleep – much to my husband’s dismay.

A few days ago, Inc. published an article with a quote saying that “the world’s most successful people start their day at 4 a.m.” to which I fell crestfallen onto my computer like a Disney princess as I think of my everyday struggle to become conscious. FOUR IN THE MORNING? Now, I’m not a math person, but are we not then saying that I would need to fall asleep at approximately 8 pm to get a full night’s sleep? The two-year-old I babysit for has dinner at 7:30 pm.

So this morning as I munched on a chocolate croissant and blasted Christmas music while I sipped on my coffee at the early-for-me time of 9:30am, I scrolled through Twitter (because I have to, because Trump) and found the most glorious tweet that was my motivation for the day.

JK Rowling had found that article, and she was having none of it. She took one look at that bullshit article and called it out:

And so I will happily drink my coffee at midday instead of mid-night/morning and keep having dance parties in the kitchen with my husband my dog at 2AM. I will remember that maybe the CEO of Apple gets up at 4 am, but Leonardo Da Vinci used to take twenty-minute naps every for hours instead of “sleeping” at all. Most importantly, if a famous author who made billions (and only lost that status because she donated too much) can scoff at a 4am wake-up, I can too. 

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