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Venice is beautiful even if it rains“, writes my mother-in-law in response to the text and photo I sent of the grand canal showing that we made it. She’s right, and I know from experience.

Now I don’t think I can count how many times I have been to this sinking city, but I can say with confidence that 80% of the time it has been raining. If anything the colors burn brighter here under cloud cover – like watercolors, they blend and spread among the raindrops, becoming even more vibrant, captivating.

Today after a morning of early transportation, my mother and I finally found each other (WOOHOOOO) in the depths of the Fiumicino airport in Rome (everyone should fly Norweigan btw!) and started our train travels north to the city of bridges. As the countryside passed by the windows of the high-speed train, the clouds darkened and threatened.

I knew it would rain because it is April and I am in Venice and these two things apparently summon the rain gods. Want proof? Here are my friend Tiernan and I guiding a trip a few years ago:

So I was prepared – because Venice is beautiful when wet – whether the water comes from below or above. I’ll say, however, today is like a summer breeze compared to what I felt in that photo. We made it out of the train station into the hurricane that is the spring in Venice, confident knowing that the forecast tomorrow is light rain in the morning – no wind to make umbrellas into parasails – and sunshine (or at least just clouds) in the afternoon.

Tonight we’re hiding in the little corner of Venice we claimed for the next few days and stretching out from the hours of cramped airplane and train seats; sitting warm in our little nook-with-a-view while drinking cappuccini, and watching the boats battle the wind and rain on the grand canal.- the reds and oranges and greens are still beautiful under the storm.


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