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“Rick Steves Wants to Save the World, One Vacation at a Time.” – That is what you should be spending your time reading today. It’s long, but it’s worth it. I first heard of the profile article on Twitter, from the author, @shamblanderson, as he tweeted

“Also, this piece contains the dumbest sentence I have ever published: ‘Steves is so completely American that when you stop to really look at his name, you realize it’s just the name Rick followed by the plural of Steve — that he is a one-man crowd of absolutely regular everyday American guys: one Rick, many Steves.'”

So I knew I had to read it – and I’ll tell you the rest of the piece is so entertaining to read. It’s a masterpiece.

I finally got around to it this afternoon and have found new affection for the man that I thought was honestly just another cheerful American trying to get people to travel cheaply. I knew he was respectable and maybe went off the maps every so often, but I didn’t know what an interesting person he was. I also didn’t know how much I agreed with his international thoughts. As it says over and over again, Steves is just the right mix of hardcore American and international hippy that it confuses the general population – making everyone like him.

I believe if more people traveled, the world would be more peaceful. But when I say that, I mean traveled like Steves, not traveling and staying in the Four Seasons.

So if you want to read really incredible writing and learn a bit more about what Rick Steves is all about – get over to the NYT. True to his word, Steves even helped me in my travel plans for the upcoming week – just with that interview, so I’m off to update our Roman itinerary. 🙂

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