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There’s an orange alert in Florence since yesterday for wind. An arctic one to be exact – that has brought down the temperature and has gusts up to 80km/h (50mph). Thankfully, our house is almost completely protected from the winds by other buildings, but I could hear it roaring above us as I waited for Rami to come home. There was no chance for laundry left out on the lines. Shutters left unlocked repeatedly slammed against the walls around the neighborhood, scaring me every time. When he finally walked through the door, he told me he had almost been blown off the road until a taxi driver pulled up and told him to draft the car for the rest of the way home.

We woke up to piles of leaves in our garden. The one I just started to clean. The gardens were closed today, as well as the cemeteries, and a few trees had come down because of it. Trains were delayed, flights were canceled. We’re just generally a mess because the wind decided to duck into the valley for once. Funny enough, Giulio wasn’t bothered by the wind today, but wanted me to do something about the fact that there was too much sun outside. Go figure.

The best part about wind through this city is that it clears out all of the smog and the views are even more spectacular if you can handle the breeze. I snuck up to have a coffee before heading into the school and the view was blue and bright – the olive trees defined in the distance, the green growing more prominent on the hills surrounding the valley of terracotta rooftops.

Even just now I can feel the wind rushing through our window. I just hope the woodpigeon is ok up in her nest in our pine tree. She comes back every spring to lay her eggs and I just noticed her the other day again. Hopefully this year we won’t have any bird mishaps – and that story could take up another blog.


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