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Luna has been eating the same food since she was a puppy and recently I’ve also been translating for the company after I reached out. MaoriPet, originated outside of Milan when a breeder of American Akitas was absolutely unsatisfied with every dog food out on the market, so he decided to create his own. Right now, I don’t think they ship naturally, but I’m pushing them to in the future because after having two Frenchies and a Lab and trying countless different products to take care of their tiny little fragile digestive systems, I’d never buy anything else.

They have grain free lines and high-meat kibbles that are made from natural fresh and never frozen meats and veggies through a new process called Freshtrusion – which is pleasantly explained by another UK company in this video. If you have access to this company, switch over asap or at least to one that uses the same technology. Luna barely sheds, has no allergies, and has more energy than a Tasmanian Devil. She doesn’t even really have offensive farts – which is very important to Frenchie owners.

They also have BrucBool chews, one of which Luna is currently gnawing on at my feet. In English, this root is closely called a Briar Root, and it’s locally and naturally harvested from the woods. Looking almost like a radish, this root is extremely tough and is apparently tasty for pups, and the best part is after boiling, it barely splinters. If it does, it comes off more as pulp and is absolutely natural so no need to worry if its ingested. This thing will last hours and it’s ten times better than any stick out of the backyard.

We got Luna hers when she was teething and it’d keep her busy for hours. In the past, I’ve tried rawhide – they’re terrible for digestion and I’ve seen more than one dog choke on them. I’ve bought bones and antlers with varying ratings, and plastic or rubber chews eventually fall to unsafe pieces. Luna’s first labeled teething toy lasted all but five minutes before being thrown in the trash, but nothing has outlasted the BrucBool and it’s still almost the same size as when we got it.

If you have a teething puppy or a dog that just likes to chew, find one of these Briar Root chews online or if you’re in Italy, get one from MaoriPet. If anyone really is in desperate need of saving their furniture or hands from puppy teeth, email me and I’m sure we can get one to you one way or another. 🙂




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