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Bernie just came out with his official immigration plan and I’m in love. After Feeling the Bern in the last election up until the DNC made him lose the primary, I thought I’d never vote for him again, especially because I didn’t think that he’d have a chance in this election, and last time I voted third party and was planning on doing it again, but if Bernie somehow makes it onto that ballot I am dedicating my entire existence to get this man to the White House.


Finally, a politician is focused specifically on my and Rami’s problem. In the text of the immigration plan, Bernie takes an entire section and dedicates it to fixing what Clinton (not Trump) started:

As president, Bernie will:

  • Repeal 8 U.S. Code Section 1325, putting border crossings on par with other forms of immigration violations, such as overstaying a visa.
  • End the Priority Enforcement Program (PEP), the 287(g) program, Secure Communities, the Criminal Alien Program and other programs that turn local law enforcement into immigration officers.
  • Repeal the 1996 immigration laws.
    • Repeal three- and ten-year bars.
    • End permanent deportation.
    • End expedited removal.
    • End mandatory detention.
    • Restore case-by-case discretion for immigration judges.
    • Restore the definition of “aggravated felony” to its initial intent, violent crimes and serious drug trafficking.
    • End the “Constitution-free zone” within 100 miles of the border.
    • Establish immigration courts as independent Article I courts, free from influence and interference.
    • More than double funding for immigration adjudication to fully fund and staff immigration courts and eliminate the case backlog.

This means that if Bernie is elected, he’s promising to end Rami’s ban and restore ways that we could possibly get through or at least back to “normal” life.

And all of a sudden, we have a bit of hope again, and this was exactly what we were waiting for. Now, it’s up to everyone else. If you’ve asked me what you could do to help with our immigration problems, this is it. Vote for Bernie. Promote Bernie. Get him the win – especially in the primary. If you can do that, we both may be home for the New England holidays two years from now.

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